Sanctify’s software and data solutions are applicable in a number of different situations where they can help you gain insights and create superior value.

Ranging from different types of asset management to supply chains, our products create value.

Below, find a selection of roles where the value of Sanctify’s solutions is demonstrated. 

Asset Management


The importance of ESG analysis has grown significantly over the last few years, and the potential impact of low performers in a portfolio has increased.

Reliance on superficial ESG analysis is a remnant of the past, Sanctify’s AI technology allows for both deep analysis of specific companies as well as market and portfolio screening.

Sanctify ESG enables a portfolio manager to stay on top.

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Quantitative analyst

ESG strategies

Sanctify ESG offer the opportunity to build data-driven investing strategies based on ESG-sentiment.

Our AI provides numerical sentiment of any company’s ESG performance and trends over different time spans.

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Procurement Analyst

Analyzing supply-chain partners

Sanctify ESG can be used for procurement functions in screening potential suppliers’ sustainability performance.

Sanctify ESG also help to keep au jour on how your existing partners are performing from an ESG perspective.

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