Sanctify’s ESG news sentiment data now available through Bloomberg’s Alternative Data catalogue

May 5, 2022

Sanctify are excited to share that our ESG Data is now live on Bloomberg’s alternative Data catalogue, where its easily accessible to support ESG integration.

Sanctify Financial Technologies are excited to announce that Sanctify’s ESG Data is now available through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, Bloomberg’s web-based data marketplace.

Sanctify ESG offers ESG performance and controversy metrics on over 13,000 companies in US, UK and the EU derived from over 50,000 online news sources. The data consist of time series of ESG specific sentiment, stretching back as far as 10 years and with a breakdown into 26 subcategories. The news sources range from local newspapers and specialized trade magazines to major business publications. This data can be used to conduct ESG analysis and construct credible investment products in the new era of sustainable finance. It also offers a cost-effective way of performing ESG analysis without increasing analyst headcount, by harvesting the power of AI to collect, compile and analyze the data automatically, substantial time savings are achieved as this no longer need to be done manually to keep updated.

The CEO of Sanctify Erik Dahlberg: “We are thrilled to have our data listed in Bloomberg’s alternative data catalogue, Bloomberg combines strong client relationships with unsurpassed industry expertise. By offering alternative data through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, we are enabling greater accessibility to our data”.

Erik continues: “ESG has become something of a hygiene factor over the past few years, and environmental and social issues are on top of the agenda virtually everywhere. Our dataset enables automatic analysis of text data which leads to faster ESG analysis thanks to our proprietary sentiment models, and is also used to spot opportunities and avoid risks, which improve returns”.

Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is Bloomberg’s web-based data marketplace that allows Data License clients to easily discover, access and immediately use high quality, market leading content from both Bloomberg and third- party providers. Bloomberg continues to expand its alternative data offering, allowing Bloomberg clients to access a catalog of curated alternative data, uniquely positioned to provide insights in today’s market environment.