Sanctify raises SEK 7.75 million in its first round of financing

February 15, 2021


Sanctify closes its financing round earlier than expected and raise more capital than planned. The main part of the financing comes from Hugo Ljungberg, one of the founders of PRNT Printing Solutions, which last year got Creades as the majority stake holder. Hugo invests through one of his companies and becomes Sanctify’s second largest external owner shortly after Mist Ventures. The remaining capital contributions come from existing owners. At the same time, the board is reinforced by Rickard Nygren, who has extensive experience of managing software business, e.g. the company Grade, and Hubert Warzynski who has extensive experience in the financial sector, from companies such as Citi, Nordea and Credit Suisse. 

“We expected to close the first round during the spring of 2021 and raise about SEK 5 million, but the interest was so great that we already managed to secure the funding and close the round. The current cash of over SEK 8 million gives us security to continue developing the technology behind Sanctify and accelerate the development of the company for at least 18 months ahead “

Oscar Dahlblom, CEO

“Sanctify has very exciting technology in the fintech area and I see an enormous potential in this technology. The Capital injection will enable Sanctify to enter the market faster with their state-of-the-art AI technology. It will be very exciting to follow this company and its development in the future “

Hugo Ljungberg

Sanctify is a fintech company that develops high-performance AI tools for analysis of financial markets and sustainability, the tools enable professionals to improve and automate their analytical processes. Sanctify also provides data optimized for use in AI applications. The company has offices in Lund and Stockholm.


Oscar Dahlblom CEO

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