Sanctify launch new graphic profile

January 31, 2021

Sanctify has recently adopted a new graphic profile with new logo.

The new logo has been made by Pär Green and is built from the art of Beck & Jung which has also been the foundation for the rest of the graphic profile. Hugo Ljungberg, who recently invested in Sanctify, is the son of Bo Ljungberg of the artist duo and has granted the use of the famous artwork for the company.

In the start of the 1970s Beck & Jung started creating art that inspired many, based on math they constructed patterns that was printed by IBM supercomputers. They became world famous and are now present on many of the largest and most prominent museums around the world. We thought the math story together with art created totally performed by calculating on computers was a perfect story and fit to use for Sanctify.

The base of their most famous artworks is a circle cut in 4 pieces that could be rotated in any direction. Based on this we have created unique patterns and even the logotype of Sanctify.

-Pär Green