Sanctify Financial Technologies launch ESG app on the Bloomberg App Portal

September 28, 2022

Sanctify can now deliver its ESG capabilities to the Bloomberg Terminal audience by providing its automated ESG analysis tool in the Bloomberg App Portal.

Being a pioneer in ESG data, Sanctify can now deliver its capabilities to the Bloomberg Terminal audience by providing its automated ESG analysis tool in the Bloomberg App Portal.

Sanctify, provider of ESG data and automated analysis services, has launched its “Sanctify ESG” application on the Bloomberg App Portal. At a time when ESG has come to hold significant importance to investors and asset managers, Sanctify ESG will help analyze and screen companies and portfolios efficiently by automatically analyzing news sentiment. Terminal users can now easily access the ESG analytics of more than 13700 listed companies on 22 exchanges across the US, UK, and Europe directly through their Bloomberg Terminal to gain clear and actionable insights in their ESG analysis and make investment decisions more aligned with their specific ESG goals.

The addition of Sanctify’s ESG data to the Bloomberg App Portal enables Sanctify to deliver more accurate and transparent information about the companies’ ESG analytics to Bloomberg’s global community of institutional investors and asset managers.

Erik Dahlberg, CEO of Sanctify says, “We are excited to work with Bloomberg to provide our unique ESG analysis to a global community of institutional asset managers and investors who use the Bloomberg Terminal. The Bloomberg App Portal enables our customers to easily integrate our application into their workflow because it works with Bloomberg data and functionality.”

Applications contributed to the Bloomberg App Portal are evaluated and selected using a variety of parameters, chief among them the ability for the application to add value to Bloomberg’s existing feature set and information resources. App Portal gives Bloomberg Terminal users access to dozens of third-party software tools for news and social sentiment analysis, technical charting analysis, data visualization and more.

To learn more about using Sanctify ESG data and analysis with the Bloomberg Terminal or for information about the Bloomberg App Portal community, please contact

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About Sanctify
Sanctity Financial Technologies was founded in 2018 by a group of machine learning engineers in Lund, Sweden, with a vision to automate fundamental financial analysis with AI. Since 2020, Sanctify focus on ESG analysis through natural language processing (NLP) technologies, but is looking forward to expanding into other areas of financial analysis in the future.