The road to sustainable investments

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The missing piece of the ESG puzzle

Is your organization ready to face the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow? Utilizing the latest achievements in machine learning technology sets Sanctify ESG apart from legacy data providers and brings clarity and insight to your ESG analysis. Whether you use it for sustainability assessment or generating alpha, our AI engine gives you insights, improved decisions and accelerated investment activities.

Get insight

Updated, selected ESG specific news feed, based on your preferences and filtered by materiality will give you an edge in the market and the ability to act in a fast-changing environment.

Improved decisions

Get a quick and comprehensive overview of all ESG related events, both historical and current. The upcoming user friendly interface makes it clear and simple to use.

Accelerated analysis

Sanctify enables you to hold your analytical standards high while keeping your head count low. Our powerful AI engine enables your analytical process to be both fast and accurate.

The world is facing major environmental and social issues and the financial sector is heading into a shift of paradigm where sustainable investments are growing at an unprecedented rate.

Sanctify offers tools tailored for the new paradigm of sustainable finance, whether you want to accelerate your ESG-screening or if you want to track the sustainability performance of your investments – Sanctify has a solution fit for your needs.

World class AI

Utilize Sanctify ESG’s powerful and sustainability optimized AI engine to leverage your analysis and decisions.


Sanctify ESG knows no borders, supporting many languages and companies from around the world.


Social Media

Broaden your information flow and analysis by integrating social media. Sanctify ESG uses social media to never miss a beat and getting the earliest signals possible.

News Media

Never miss any critical information and get superior insight from more than 35000 news sources worldwide. 

Become a part of the future

In a data driven investment strategy, the key to success lies in the quality of the data. Sanctify analyses global financial sources and provides data tailored for Machine Learning applications, giving you the edge over the market. We also provide ready trained AI networks to simplify implementation of AI into your quant strategy – Contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you improve your data feed.