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Press release: Sanctify Open Funding Round

April 8, 2022

Sanctify Financial Technologies is committed to creating AI products for the finance industry and has focused on creating ESG analysis solutions since late 2020. Recently Sanctify launched its app Sanctify ESG and is now entering a commercial expansion phase.

Erik Dahlberg, CEO:

“We are in a very interesting stage where we have launched our first app, we are signing on our first customers and we are also initiating some very exciting partnerships which we will be able to announce soon. The time is right to gear up and focus on sales and therefore we are raising capital to take the company through the next phase and into a growing and cash flow positive business, and we are aiming at an €2m investment to take us through this phase. We are also thrilled that our existing owners are in for the long haul and guarantee a part of the capital round.”

Chairman Michal Stala:

“We see tremendous potential to improve the everyday work of thousands of analysts and asset managers globally with our product, as a matter of fact, it’s quite astonishing that so much work is still done manually while the technology to assist and automate is available. It is also very impressive to see how far our team have taken our solution in a short time.”

Sanctify ESG app is a web-based tool used by asset managers and analysts to shorten the path between information and insight. It uses AI to read news from over 50 000 different news outlets and automatically analyze the news on a company level and currently screens over 13 000 companies. 

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