Press Release: Sanctify Launches ESG Application

December 15, 2021

Sanctify is proud to announce the launch of its ESG application, bringing the power of AI to asset managers to improve their ESG analysis.

Sanctify Financial Technologies is launching its user-friendly ESG software made for investors to improve their investment processes. The software uses AI to read news text to perform an ESG analysis on a company level and can be used for screening and monitoring of companies, it is a perfect complement to traditional ESG data.

In a world with a growing demand for sustainable investments and a shortage of data and standardized reporting methods Sanctify hopes to bring clarity and more useful data for investors to make better investment decisions. The new application will give users access to a specialized news feed that tracks all relevant events tied to both their portfolio companies and investment targets. It also provides the investors with a comparable ranking system to see how well a certain company performs against its peer group. The user will not only see scores but also the underlying data and track the companies through 26 different Environment, Social, and Governance categories, using over 37000 news sources with data going back as far as 10 years.

We are extremely happy to present this product which enables more asset managers to harvest the power of AI to enhance their analysis process. We are happy to be a part of the shift in finance, where sustainability is becoming a hygiene factor for more investors and asset managers.

Oscar Dahlblom, CEO

We are all excited about the potential of our technology, we are seeing a push towards a deeper and more sincere commitment to sustainability in asset management, and with the help of our app this can be done faster and easier.

Michal Stala, Chairman

Sanctify is a fintech company that develops high-performance AI tools for sustainability analysis, the tools enable professionals to improve and automate their analytical processes. Sanctify also provide the same data found in the application in an API for those who want to integrate the data in their own quantitative models. Sanctify has offices in Lund and Stockholm and presence in London.

Find the app and contact Sanctify at and

Oscar Dahlblom, CEO

 +46 760 066 776