Investor Survey – ESG is still top of mind

January 18, 2024

PwC’s Global investor survey of 345 investors in 30 different countries bring us quite a few highly interesting insights, it is apparent that companies ability to handle sustainability related risks and opportunities are still a highly important factor for investors with over 75% of respondents saying so. The report also shows an increased interest from the investors for more reports regarding companies impact and roadmap to reaching their sustainability linked goals. Here we are also presented with an interesting number on what PwC like to address as the “trust deficit”, 94% of the investors answer that they see “unsupported sustainability claims” in the corporate communications, which essentially is a fancier way of saying greenwashing. This puts the finger at the important notion that one should never blindly trust corporate communication, even if reporting is expanded there is still a need for independent validation or second opinions. You can read the PwC report here.